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Transitions in life while visiting Copenhagen in 2005

Visiting Rosenbourg Sloss, making new friends and ending an old relationship

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I visited Copenhagen in May of 2005. 2005 was an unusual year for me. My ex partner and I were into the tenth year of our relationship and it was a rocky year. I think we both realized things were changing in our relationship but we were not sure where it was headed. We were both holding onto something that we knew was slowly coming apart. We traveled to Copenhagen together but spent very little time together in the city. He had a business conference he was attending. I was part of an internet travel group called Virtual Tourist at the time. I was planning to meet a group of friends from the site who lived in the Copenhagen area. I had not met them in person but was looking forward to meeting them for the first time. This was to be my first of many times meeting Virtual Tourist friends while traveling. He was not overly interested in meeting my online friends. So between his business conference and my spending time meeting new friends we spent very little time together. We did have some good times on the trip. We spent several days in Norway and enjoyed ourselves. But for most of the time in Copenhagen we saw very little of each other. It was truly a time of transition. Our relationship did not endure the rest of the year. Looking back in hindsight I can see it all starting to end here in Copenhagen. This photo of me in front of the Rosenborg Schloss is the perfect memory from the experience. It's just me standing alone in front of a beautiful palace having my photo taken by a complete stranger. And although beautiful the photo is flawed. The person taking the photo blurred the photo and cut off the very top of the palace towers. At a glance all looks good but close up you can see the problems. Just like my relationship with my ex partner at a glance all looked good but close up you could see the problems.

Before our visit ended I took my ex back to see the castle. My photo of the Rosenborg Sloss came out much better than the one taken of me by a stranger. It was perfectly cropped. It was in focus. The color was beautiful. And there is no one in the photo. It was empty just like our relationship. It's just the palace by itself. Coincidence? I don't know. But looking back all these years later I can see the symbolic difference in the two photos.


Internet friendships are real. And they can endure. Jon. Claus, and Charlotta with her family and me. Copenhagen 2005

I enjoyed.my time meeting new friends from the internet in Copenhagen. My buddy Claus became a life long friend. I still see him on occasion when I travel and when are in the same city. We have great times together and have shared many experiences over a drink. I also met my friend Jon. We are still internet friends and have met several times again while traveling also. And I met a delightful lady named Charlotta. Charlotta and I are still friends on Facebook and chat on occasion. Of course Virtual Tourist has long since disappeared. But we are all still friends and still keep in contact. The friendships have endured. The relationship with my ex partner ended. It's been my gain. All of the conversations we shared on Virtual Tourist have been deleted. Our photos are gone. But our experiences will live on. There were a lot of stories shared between friends on Virtual Tourist. And there are even more stories I have shared with friends on Facebook. But this is the first time I have shared this one. My friends I met that day had no idea my life was in transition. But to this day I am glad they were there and helped me cross that bridge.


Internet friendships are real. And they can endure. Jon. Claus, and Charlotta with her family and me. Copenhagen 2005

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A very personal and moving blog entry, Larry.

by Kathrin_E

Such a lovely and moving piece, Larry. Thanks for sharing!

by Cathy Reichardt

Looking back we can sometimes see when and where the turning points were, even though they might not have been obvious at the time. VirtualTourist was important to me, too, and I still miss it, but still keep in touch with some of my old VT friends.

by Nemorino

such a lovely and personal entry ... hope life is good at the moment!

by Ils1976

Thanks for reading and leaving comments. It was a very personal blog entry but I like them to be personal. Travel to me is so much more than just the location or the moment. It's about where you were personally when you visited a location. It's about what you were thinking and feeling. And yes Ils1976 life is very good at the moment. Thank you for asking.

by littlesam1

I am so pleased you are moving many of your blog entries to TP - they deserve to reach this new audience :) And doesn't Claus look young?! Well, we all looked younger then, but he does look particularly so

by ToonSarah

You're right. Your photo is MUCH better. Good to see you here.

by Beausoleil

A very moving story, Larry. Thanks for sharing and glad things have come good since :-)

by Wabat

Very touching.

by Barbara S.

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